Friday, June 25, 2010

Hey Roomie Where Should I Park My New Boat

Perhaps you are thinking about getting a roommate, or looking for a room for rent. Unless you want to end up with a roomie like this guy, then might I suggest a roommate matching service? Allow me to explain. I am a quiet, laid back person. I prefer turning in early and waking up early. I like to quietly eat my bowl of cereal before taking on the demands of the day. I hate cigarette smoke.

Sooo...for me to live with a smoker, party animal, night owl, or loud mouth could be a recipe for disaster. A roommate matching service such as this one lays everything out on the line. Even down to orientation (gay, straight, etc.), which at the end of the day we all have our opinions.

A roommate matching service is an excellent way to weed a lot of people out that just would not be good matches. We all lead busy lives, and it is nice to have services like this that take a lot of the guess work out of difficult choices.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Howard says hi

I can't help it if "going bye bye" sounds like a great idea. It is all I know to call that exhiliration of being on the open road, ears flapping, nose sniffing air at 80 mph.

There are some things I miss quite a bit. When I was a wee little pup, Brad would drive from Lake Havasu to Santa Barbara every single week and sometimes he would bring me with him. It was a fun trip, of course, because I was on the road nose to the wind. The only problem was he would drive his truck every single time but does not have a ton of space for me to lie down. I, Howard, need my naps. Even as a puppy I needed a daily nap or five.

I used to dream that he would buy a bigger car,maybe an Acura TL. I used to picture myself hanging out the huge side window, barking at the passers by and laughing under my breath like Mutley when the jumped. Never happened though. Instead I was stuck in the little truck bracing myself for every slam on the brakes. One time we were cruising along at 70, and all of a sudden he slammed on the brakes and I end up on the floor. Not fun for me at all, and after that the truck needed a brake job.

I needed a craniotomy.

Brad was always good at putting her up on two wheels as well. You have NO IDEA the suffering I endured all for the thrill of a joy ride. I would even drive from California to Arizona just for an oil change. That is how hardcore I am.

Friday, June 4, 2010


This guest post written by Lorenzo Matthews

My wife and I have lived in Los Angeles (where we met) for over ten years. After we had Simon, we started thinking about moving. The area we lived in was expensive plus the apartment seemed to be shrinking. Funny how kids change everything. My family owns a lot of property in Montana where I grew up. My dad offered one of the rentals to us and even hired me as a property manager. So we moved.

Our new neighborhood lacks some of the cultural refinements of Los Angeles, but it sure is a lot quieter. Cindy joined the neighborhood watch to meet the neighbors because my job will force me to travel all over the state. She learned our new home is in a great area with good schools and low crime. So far the only reported crime we have noticed was under-age drinking at a high school dance.

But since I am on the road quite a bit, I did get Home Security In Montana. Now there is good exterior lighting and the property is wired into a reputable, local security company. Cindy is also getting a dog. Not for protection but just because we finally have a yard.

We have been here for over five months now. I feel a lot better on the road knowing the neighborhood is safe and our house is protected. You know you live in a pretty safe spot when the neighborhood watch spends most of its time deciding where to have the next barbeque.