Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have been seeing more and more homes just like this one. I wonder how inexpensively I could pick up one? I'm not in the market, but I know there are investors out there who are getting these dumps for next to nothing, and then renting them out. I also wonder how many of these investors have heard of dean graziosibio? He has a book and a blog.

If you are into infomercials, go to this website about being a real estate millionaire now and you most likely will recognize him. He has over 12,000 registered users so he must be doing something right.

My advice is always to do your homework, and never buy anything you cannot afford.

Boston hanging on?

Boston real estate does not seem to be hit as hard as other areas of the country, especially like California. Is it because real estate in Boston never had the overinflated jump that other areas did? Is there a high demand for luxury real estate in Boston? California does have more than its fair share of luxury real estate...Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, just to name a few.

Boston is a historic and cultural place to live with plenty to do and see. California does not have as old of a history, but there is plenty to do and see here. Ocean, desert, mountains, valleys, vineyards, orchards, ranches.

Boston condos have held up pretty well considering that condos seem to take the first hit. California is not an area that has a high demand for luxury condos. Until recently, when developers started putting up cookie cutter two story houses so close you could feel your next door neighbors breath on your shoulder, Californians always had homes on fairly big lots with plenty of room to roam. Times they are a changin'.

Boston is an awesome city that I would love to visit one day.
If you live there or want to move there and are ready to buy visit Bushari Group Real Estate.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A House With Potential

This place should sell VERY quickly with the recliner out front and Christmas lights still up. The tough economy is nothing for this seller.

All kidding aside, I might have to take a look at this house. It looks like a fairly decent place that needs some minor work like a remodeled bathroom. It's no mansion, but with some work you could enjoy a nice place to live if you are one who likes a small house. Smaller means less to heat/cool, less to furnish, and less to remodel. You could just choose to update some parts of the home like making a tub into a walk in shower. I found a nice site that has a lot of up grades for the bathrooms if you are in the market for home improvements.

My wife and I recently bought a smaller home its 3 bed with 2 baths and we love it. It is cozy and our gas bill last month was only $8. Our electric bill was only $68 and we keep our air at 75-77 degrees. Since we bought less house we were able to upgrade some appliances, so it's not all bad. It helps that we don't have kids, but our dog Howard makes sure we keep him cool in the summer or else!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shack for Sale!

Located in Beautiful downtown Needles, California

View the serene Colorado River on the backdrop of the Mohave Desert from the veranda of this lovely little gem. Needs a little TLC...or just rip it down and start all over.

Once upon a time this house was likely someone's pride. A cool, breezy front porch to sit on and watch the Colorado River after a long, hot day at work. Now, it is a shack for people like me to take pictures of and mock. How sad what time does when things are neglected and treated poorly.