Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tired of the West

I need to find a place that has a slower pace. So I was doing some research and came across some nice Real Estate in Charleston South Carolina. This place just might be the next place I move to. I have spent hours and hours just browsing Homes For Sale in Charleston. I am a dreamer and sometimes its just a dream. I have lived in so many different areas but one place I have not lived in is Charleston or anywhere in the South East. I wonder what I would do for a living? I wonder if Howard could survive another trip across the Country? Not likely he is getting pretty old and has a tough time getting around. So we just might have to wait a bit before we really get serious about moving to Charleston.But in the mean time I can see as many houses as my heart desires right online. I also have to convince Julie to move.
What I have in my favor is she has been there before and liked it.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Have you ever just wanted to move just for the fun of it? If it was an easy task I would move and hire some Movers to move all of my stuff. But its not that easy. Lets say I was moving to Toronto,I would have to hire some Toronto Movers. Where in the world would I find Moving Companies in Toronto? Or an International Movers?
The problem is Howard is getting old and has no desire to ever move again. He also wants to stay in the USA. I wonder if they have orange ones in Canada?