Saturday, March 13, 2010

Used cars

If you break down in a big town like Chicago you will most likely be looking for a Chicago auto repair shop. Right? Perhaps you will run into Rod Blagojevich as your mechanic. In which case I would push my 2002 Toyota Corolla to the next repair shop if I had to. I highly doubt Blago would give you a honest deal on a new water pump, but I'm just sayin'. is a question for you. Who would you trust more as an auto mechanic, Nancy Pelosi or Rod Blagojevich? If you ask me and I had to answer I would pick Blagoat least he is showing up in public and telling his side of the story. I do not believe the story but he is talking and good ole Nancy just sits behind closed doors and does more and more damage to the country. Oh well thats enough of the political talk!!!