Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fido for President

If dogs could own homes, they would make much better homeowners than humans. I'm sure they would be more responsible with their money too, and there would be no housing bubble. Just think, if a dog could be president...
  • You could trust their word because dogs are extremely loyal.
  • Dogs are friendly and powerful negotiators with their puppy dog eyes.
  • Dogs are excellent judges of character.
  • Dogs like to lick people and wag their tails and make people happy.
  • Dogs don't take crap off of bad guys.
  • Who would you trust to have your back? Clinton? Obama? McCain? Or your dog?
I pick my dog.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Be Happy

Living within one's means:

Santa Barbara Style.

This little house is being dwarfed by a huge McMansion style house. I know nothing about the individuals who occupy - or will soon occupy - either house. Let me just say, I would rather have for a neighbor the homeowner of the humble house who cares enough to put up a wood-carved sign with their family name on it and some scattered potted plants than most of the people who could afford or pretend to afford the larger house. Either way, success is not evil and I hope that the homeowner of the large house chose this neighbor for the same reasons.

Wherever you live, take care of what you've have been blessed with. Someday you may have more, or you may have less. As much as you plan, save, and work, the future is not guaranteed and it can change in an instant. There will always be some economic crisis for somebody somewhere. Make these the happiest days of your life, because they just might be.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Take Your Medicine

My wife is a nurse and always comes home with interesting and funny stories for me. The other night one of her confused patients didn't want to take their medicine and told my wife, "I don't want no son of a b____ medicine!" My wife replied, "That's okay, I don't have that kind of medicine for you." The confused patient considered this statement, and it made sense, so they took the medicine.

That's what I imagine the homeowner of this foreclosed house said about the sign, "I don't need no son of a b____ for sale sign!" To which the realtor replied, "That's okay, we know you're screwed so go ahead and pitch it in the flower bed."

Crispy Christmas Tree

I took this picture a week ago. Not to beat a dead horse, but I think anyone who has read my blog for awhile knows how I feel about this.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Peak

According to this chart March 08 is the worst month for Resets. It looks like we still have a few more rough months though. Dont forget that it takes several months once a foreclosure happens to get the house on the market. I see the market being flooded with houses during the next 6 months. Prices have come way way down in Central California. How is your area doing?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clear !!

Ever since California has become an expensive to place to live, people have left the State and moved to places like Idaho. I am sure the fine people of Idaho are thrilled by this. If this sounds like just the change you need, then do your homework first and check the Boise Real Estate Market. I have traveled in that part of the nation and it absolutely beautiful up there.

The weather in Idaho isn't super cold in the winter or super hot in the summer. So, no griping about the weather anymore. You'll have to find something else to complain all the stinkin' Californian's moving in.

To any realtors reading this, check out Real Estate CPR Advantage to help breath life into your career. They are the ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) team of real estate. Their services can help you gain advantage over your competition to win the business of all the Californian's moving into your state. Trust me, these burned out Californian's are going to need resuscitation, and the CPR Advantage is going to help you with the ABC's of the real estate business.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bird Be Gone

I have seen some very strange things for my blog, but this one might be the strangest of all.
When I first drove by this place, I thought they were adding a 2nd story but I took a 2nd look and noticed that the wood was pretty thin for a 2nd story. I got out and looked around I couldn't figure it out so I asked a person walking their dog about it. This person told me that the homeowner was mad at a neighbor and this was their way of getting even. Evidently, the City cannot do anything about it since they claim it's to keep the birds away, and there is no law against doing it in a humane way.

This is a humane way.

Imagine trying to sell your home with this guy as a neighbor. Not likely to happen.

Cheap living

Here is one way to live cheaply. It always interesting to see what one can modify a school bus into. This one has some extra headroom and I think some sort of satellite system. On the other side it has a window AC unit. They are living the life huh?


Those are not $500,000 dollar palm trees

What a bargain -

I want to meet the person who could afford the payments and would choose this house to live in. It is in Carpinteria, California, a small town just south of Santa Barbara. This house is in the hood too. Carpinteria has some nice neighborhoods, and this is not one of them.

Mind boggling.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Of all the places in the entire USA Hawaii is high on my choice of dream places to live. Yeah I know its expensive, just look at the real estate listings in Hawaii. They are not too bad though considering it is almost a perfect climate. Maui real estate has held up pretty well, and time will tell if it comes down as much as California has.

Back in my living on a boat days, I had quite a few friends who sailed to Hawaii. Some stayed and others came back ASAP. Sailor Sam was one of them (great guy). Sam if you're out there I would love to hear more of your stories. For you clowns who think its a cake walk to sail there, or dream about it, just so you know its about a 12-16 day trip on a sailboat from California, depending upon how fast your boat is. There are not any places along the way to get food or anything else you may of forgotten. Its a long long sail. Unfortunately Walmart and Taco Bell have not made floating establishments yet, but if it was feasible you can bet Walmart would have done it by now. They'd be selling China made pirate eye patches and hook hands at reduced prices.

If you do get to Hawaii, don't forget to look at some Hawaii real estate. If you're there send me a real estate catalog. I collect them much to my wife's dismay. She made me throw out a stack of them today, and it broke my heart.

So, if you are reading this at work right now, and you're hating your job because your boss is a complete tool, and you want to pretend you are working really really hard on that really really important research project check out the Kauai MLS instead. Dream about telling your boss to stick it as you rip off your tie and storm out of the office because YOU ARE MOVING TO HAWAII!!!