Thursday, March 24, 2011


Of all the places in the entire USA Hawaii is high on my choice of dream places to live. Yeah I know its expensive, just look at the real estate listings in Hawaii. They are not too bad though considering it is almost a perfect climate. Honolulu has held up pretty well, and time will tell if it comes down as much as California has.

Back in my living on a boat days, I had quite a few friends who sailed to Hawaii. Some stayed and others came back ASAP. Sailor Sam was one of them (great guy). Sam if you're out there I would love to hear more of your stories. For you clowns who think its a cake walk to sail there, or dream about it, just so you know its about a 12-16 day trip on a sailboat from California, depending upon how fast your boat is. There are not any places along the way to get food or anything else you may of forgotten. Its a long long sail. Unfortunately Walmart and Taco Bell have not made floating establishments yet, but if it was feasible you can bet Walmart would have done it by now. They'd be selling China made pirate eye patches and hook hands at reduced prices.

If you do not like Hawaii, and just want to see some scenic pictures or some desert real estate check out If you're there send me a real estate catalog. I collect them much to my wife's dismay. She made me throw out a stack of them today, and it broke my heart.

So, if you are reading this at work right now, and you're hating your job because your boss is a complete tool, and you want to pretend you are working really really hard on that really really important research project check out carolina real estate instead. Dream about telling your boss to stick it as you rip off your tie and storm out of the office because YOU ARE MOVING !!!


On a recent trip to Chicago I stopped by the Suites Collection. What is the Suites Collection?They own and operates several boutique serviced office or managed office suite locations in the city of Chicago. With today's new free lance economy, shared office space such as the properties operated by the Suites Collection provide free lancers, artists, consultants, designers and marketers the flexible space they need to get their business off and running. The Suites Collection properties are located in River North and the Loop in the city of Chicago. The suites collection also offers virtual offices and conference room rentals. So if your looking for serviced offices Chicago this might be just perfect. Or if your looking for serviced office spaces Chicago it would be worth checking out.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving Overseas

Sometimes I just feel like moving. I use to think about Moving overseas. There is no reason for this, except that maybe it is the challenge for me. Finding the right home, packing,finding the right International Movers, or an International Moving Company. There also are Overseas Moving companys and International Shipping companys. My wife's father was a builder, and whe she was growing up she moved quite a bit within the same town, but they did not use any moving companies. Her extended family would help out, and I also think it helped that they would make short moves. She and I have moved several times throughout our marriage, and I swear that if we ever do it again we are hiring a moving service. We lived away from the nice extended family members, but God bless the people who did pitch in to help us. They saved our marriage when we moved from Arizona to Illinois. The last one did us in, and my back is not getting any younger. My wife just swears that we are not doing it again...unless it is to a better home in the same town.

The best thing about moving is getting rid of stuff we hadn't used or seen in years. It is so therapeutic to get rid of junk. I don't understand hoarders. Anyway, we sold or gave away almost everything at a garage sale before we moved from Illinois to California, and when we arrived at our new place we bought new things. For us, it was cheaper than hiring a truck to move us across the country. The only thing of importance furniture-wise, is a rocking chair that has been in my wife's family for almost 100 years. So we made it out of Illinois with a large, rented trailer. An enclosed one, lest you think we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies headed for Californ-y.

Moving, especially cross-country, is a HUGE job. You want to make sure you have a reputable company moving you. Even small moves can be a pain in the neck!

If any of you are going to be moving, and have too much that you cannot part with, be sure to get moving quotes We got a few before we made our decision. Happy moving! Glad it is you and not me.