Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Good Read

A Reminder of More Peaceful Times
Lake Geneva, Wisconin

As you are weathering the economic storm that seems to be raging fast and furious, information can be a shield of sorts. has many excellent real estate articles for nearly any topic one could possibly want to research.

The articles are recent and relevant, and free to republish on your own blog. You know me, I've been having a hayday reading them myself. Howard is going to want to check out for his own blog too!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Foreclosure?

I spend a lot of time looking for houses online. Probably too much time. I love it like a wino loves his Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's. It relaxes me, and at least I'm not stumbling around and yelling at the neighbors with slurred speech: "Hey turn that loud rap music down or I'll pall the colice!"

One site that is helpful is Free REO foreclosures. This service is free and one of the better ones I have found. It's very easy to use, and do a Free foreclosure search in the city of your choice. Every state is on the map, and there are more cities to choose from than you likely have the time for.

Check it out at Real Estate Owned Foreclosures Click on any state then you will see the cities from that state. Its fun to do just for pure entertainment. I wish they had pictures of the foreclosures, but that would be the undertaking of the century.

So sit down at your computer, pour yourself a glass of Two Buck Chuck, and search away. Maybe you'll find your boss' house on there...that would be sweet justice now wouldn't it! The Man stickin' it to The Man.