Friday, November 12, 2010

A few changes around the house

Guest post written by Amelia Bronson

I've been putting off a lot of home repairs and projects for the longest time, but I'm taking a staycation, you know where you take vacation days from work but just spend them at home instead of going off somewhere, and using all this time that I have to make those repairs and stuff.

First up is getting some new siding put up. I'm getting home pro improvement to come out and do it for me because I liked the price quote that they gave me and they had a color that I liked, this muted gray that looks pretty modern.

I'm also sprucing up my bedroom a bit because it's my sanctuary. I'm so tired of my old headboard so I'm actually working on a new one. I have some cotton batting and my sewing machine ready. I think that IÕm going to use this neat looking gingham print fabric that I have to cover the headboard with and it will really set off the dark red that I have the walls painted.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


There are people that have a home paid for. Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true of several retired people I know in Arizona. There are people with their houses paid for who want to sell homes in Arizona in this market. There are companies out there that will give cash for a home in Arizona. Not a bad idea in these tough times when there is a 'ready to buy' Arizona home buyer.

Arizona may have taken a beating in the housing market, but they are still selling and no matter what people have to have a place to live. There are still some wise individuals who have saved and are now buying a house that is reasonable in today's market. With the way banks are playing games with financing, if you have saved up enough to pay cash over the years, then you will be rewarded with a nice house with no house payment.

Gold or a house?

If you had $100,000, which would you buy Gold Bullion,Gold IRA or a house? That's a tough one for me.But I think I would buy Bullion. Looking at the last 10 years, a home versus gold coins, it seems that the gold has held its value better. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm an easy-going guy, and I have nooo problem with that.

I have heard commercials about how gold has never been worth zero, and it always reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad bought some gold bullion. He actually buried it. I kid you not! He went out in the back yard like a golden retriever, and dug a hole to put it in. I remember it very well for two reasons. I was with him when we buried the gold bullion. He got out a gold coin and showed it to me. I think it was 10 oz, and at that time the price was around $250-$300 an oz. The other reason is that he told me if they were needed for some reason in the winter, we would be out of luck, because of the ground being frozen to about 2 feet down.

I also remember that about 2 years later we were going to dig up the gold and we could not find it. This was not in the city so its doubtful anyone saw us, but not impossible. We did this a few times, and would bury it in between two trees so it would be easy for us to find. All of the times we buried gold it was found, but not that one time.

Ahhh the father-son memories! This was back in the 60's and 70's when we still did things the old school way. Somewhere, in a quaint little town in northern Illinois, there is 10 ounces of gold that will likely never be found.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pest Control

The Las Vegas housing market is still a bit weak, but houses are selling. If you're buying a home there and need pest control services, there is one Las Vegas Exterminator that would be glad to come out and give you some Bug Facts. If you need commercial pest control this company can do that too. There are so many pest control services in Nevada due to so many pests. If I lived in the desert, or Las Vegas for that matter, I would be getting a pest control company in Las Vegas.

The market for Las Vegas pest control is not an easy one, but I bet you could stay busy if you had one.

Billy the Exterminator should do a few episodes there!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Boston Real Estate

Boston real estate is not something I am even remotely familiar with, but you can bet if I ever get the chance to pass through there I will be hitting up the free real estate magazine stands. Is there a high demand for Boston luxury real estate?How are the Boston Lofts for a place to live? When I think of luxury real estate I always envision west coast places like Santa Barbara, Montecito, Half Moon Bay, or Lake Tahoe. Those are places that hold appeal out here, but what about areas like Boston? Where do the Blue Bloods like to live?

If I had lived when our ancestors came across this great country in covered wagons, you can bet I would have been hitching up my team of oxen looking for land and adventure out west. However, that does not mean that I cannot appreciate the east coast and its appeal to others besides me.

Boston condos have held up pretty well considering that condos seem to take the first hit. California is not an area that has a high demand for luxury condos. Until recently, when developers started putting up cookie cutter two story houses so close you could feel your next door neighbors breath on your shoulder, Californians always had homes on fairly big lots with plenty of room to roam. Times they are a changin'.

Boston is an awesome city that I would love to visit one day.
If you live there or want to move there and are ready to buy visit Bushari Group Real Estate.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Easy Math

Way back when houses were selling faster than they could build them, if only the banks had used some simple 4th grade math, we might not be in this mess. Now you have to have Algebra 2 for a bank to even look at your offer.

They ask for all kinds of things now! They might even ask for samples of graphing linear equations if you were to try and get a loan. If you are confused about what I am talking about, or if you want to learn some complicated math, just click on the links for all kinds tutoring on math like algebra 2, adding fractions, 5th grade math, the list goes on and on.

And if you kid comes home with math homework and wanting him to help you figure out the formula for volume, then you'll have a resource!