Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tired of the West

I need to find a place that has a slower pace. So I was doing some research and came across some nice Real Estate in Charleston South Carolina. This place just might be the next place I move to. I have spent hours and hours just browsing Homes For Sale in Charleston. I am a dreamer and sometimes its just a dream. I have lived in so many different areas but one place I have not lived in is Charleston or anywhere in the South East. I wonder what I would do for a living? I wonder if Howard could survive another trip across the Country? Not likely he is getting pretty old and has a tough time getting around. So we just might have to wait a bit before we really get serious about moving to Charleston.But in the mean time I can see as many houses as my heart desires right online. I also have to convince Julie to move.
What I have in my favor is she has been there before and liked it.


Philippines property said...

I just take a peek and I discovered your post. I appreciated it. Good luck and thank you for sharing.

Charles A

Anonymous said...

I guess Howard has doggie arthritis in his old paws...he hasn't blogged in 6 weeks....

Anonymous said...

A poster to the reader comments in a Seattle Times real estate article today included a link to your blog.

Your current posts seemed disjointed and impersonal, and the purpose of the blog wasn't clear, so I went back to the very beginning to see what got you started.

WOW! I landed up reading through everything. The most entertaining blog I've run across in a long time. Great sense of humor, great pics to help make your point, and I love that your dog Howard makes regular appearances.

It's only too bad that you've lost interest in continuing with the same quality posts - why continue the blog if you're just going to keep re-posting old entries over and over, or have guest posters?

You had a really good thing going. A real talent. But even the best TV show writers run out of material, I guess.

I bet you could have monetized your site or just put a donation button on it and people would have contributed just to encourage you to keep up your humorous, philosophical and sometimes touching posts (like the story you posted about the little girl who wrote a letter to God because her dog died.)

Thanks for the smiles -

MAK in Seattle

bradinsb said...

Thank you but it was becoming a chore to keep this going.

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