Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dallas Real Estate

I love to follow real estate all over the country, and it seems that one part of the country where the housing seems to be not so bad is Texas. I have even heard recently of a few large companies that are moving to Texas. Housing seems to be fairly reasonable when looking at Dallas homes for sale.

I could spend all day looking at Dallas homes not that I do though.

Texas has always appealed to some part of me. Perhaps it is the wide openness of the state, and the welcoming people who live there. Anytime I have been in Texas, the people are very down-to-earth and friendly. I don't think I could convince Howard and Julie to move there, as they like living near the coast and mountains and the mild California weather (so do I), and they both swear they are never moving again, but I'll keep my eye on some Dallas homes for sale just for the fun of it.

Myrtle Beach

I am not a good golfer. I'm just not. That being said, I do enjoy being outdoors on a nice day feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders. Always open for new ideas for our next vacation, these Myrtle Beach golf packages sound nice and relaxing, and a great way to experience a beautiful area of the country.

Myrtle Beach golf courses look amazing, and if you click on the link of some of the golf courses you can see video footage of them. I don't think I am up for a "golf vacation," but I definitely would not mind checking out the Myrtle Beach golf packages and spending a day on one of the Myrtle Beach courses. One of the great things about vacation destinations like Myrtle Beach is that there is usually something for everyone, and plenty to keep one entertained.

Now to find a dog sitter for Howard!

Friday, July 23, 2010

No Mailboxes?

When we moved into our home in northern Illinois, we realized that we needed a mailbox. Coming from California, in an area where residential mailboxes were located at one spot for several houses, this was a surprise for us.

What to do? What to do?

I wish we would have known about this company that specializes in residential mailboxes as well as commercial mailboxes. We ended up going the do-it-yourself route and were not as pleased with the results as we had hoped. Many times it pays to go with the professionals!

This company has way more selection than any home improvement store can offer, with many unique ways to add to the character of your home!