Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Nice Huh?

I spend a lot of time looking for houses online. Probably too much time. Some people are online gamers. I am an online real estate junkie. Pick any town, and I'll look it up and be able to tell you about the real estate market in a nutshell. I have my favorites, like Lake Havasu, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Pismo, but sometimes it is nice to check out middle of nowhere locations and see how they are doing.

One site that is helpful is this site with Free Foreclosures.This service is free and one of the better ones I have found. It's very easy to use, and get Free REO foreclosures in the city of your choice. Every state is on the map, and there are more cities to choose from than you likely have the time for. Not everybody is Real Estate smart and there was a day when I did not know what REO foreclosure meant. So for the newbies it means Real Estate Owned Foreclosures

Its simple to use all you do is click on any state then you will see the cities from that state. Its fun to do just for pure entertainment. They now have pictures of the foreclosures with addresses.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Boston real estate is not something I am even remotely familiar with, but you can bet if I ever get the chance to pass through there I will be hitting up the free real estate magazine stands. Is there a high demand for Boston luxury real estate?How are the Boston Lofts for a place to live? When I think of luxury real estate I always envision west coast places like Santa Barbara, Montecito, Half Moon Bay, or Lake Tahoe. Those are places that hold appeal out here, but what about areas like Boston? Where do the Blue Bloods like to live?

If I had lived when our ancestors came across this great country in covered wagons, you can bet I would have been hitching up my team of oxen looking for land and adventure out west. However, that does not mean that I cannot appreciate the east coast and its appeal to others besides me.

Boston condos have held up pretty well considering that condos seem to take the first hit. California is not an area that has a high demand for luxury condos. Until recently, when developers started putting up cookie cutter two story houses so close you could feel your next door neighbors breath on your shoulder, Californians always had homes on fairly big lots with plenty of room to roam. Times they are a changin'.

Boston is an awesome city that I would love to visit one day.
If you live there or want to move there and are ready to buy visit Bushari Group Real Estate.