Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vacation or Buy?

A few years ago I knew a guy who was cashing out and moving to Mexico. In the back of my mind I was thinking hhhhmmm, why would he want to move to Mexico? Now I hear about more and more people leaving the USA and buying in areas like the Playa del Carmen real estate.

My sister has been there several times, and loves it. She takes her vacations there year after year, and I think out of curiosity the next time she goes, which should be very soon knowing her, I will ask her to pick up some real estate magazines for me of Costa Rica Golf Real Estate.
I am a real estate magazine junky, but if you would rather just see Costa Rica Golf Real Estate through the internet you can click the links.

It can be confusing to buy real estate in this country, let alone thinking about investing out of the country in Panama Real Estate market. The links above should have some very helpful information for you. Maybe you are not in a position to buy now, but it is never to late to think about how you want to spend your retirement years.


wolfie_cr said...

I've followed your blog for a while, not really sure where I picked the reference

Anyway........it's one thing to vacation to a place, and a VERY different thing to LIVE in a place

My wife is American and therefore I know very well what I am talking about, the 'learning/adjusting curve' for an American (or any foreigner for that matter) to Costa Rica or ANY latin american country IS very steep

the prices here (in CR) have not yet imploded to the degree they have up north

I don't check this blog often enough ......BUT if you want me to talk you out of retiring elsewhere......jmichaleson@hotmail.com

bradinsb said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I don't update or check this blog as much as I'd like to. I'm trying to find a new direction for it, but am having a hard time.

I imagine the adjusting curve to living in a foreign country is very steep, and when I hit retirement age I don't know that I'll be up to it! But I can dream. I admire the people who can come here and jump right in, but I happen to love this country and doubt I'll ever leave it. I just don't love our screwy politicians at this time, but that's another story...

Thanks again for stopping by.